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Roland vetää I.33sta Empty Roland vetää I.33sta

Viesti  Killanvanhin lähetetty Ti Elo 17, 2010 6:28 am

Make a note in your diaries: October 23rd and 24th! Roland Warzecha
is coming to beat the crap out of us with swords and bucklers. Huzzah!

He says the aim of the class will be two-fold:

to gain an understanding of the tactical approach of MS I.33 and,
secondly, to learn basic skills with particular attention to sword
and body mechanics. Both of which is designed to provide a useful
foundation for further exploration of the manuscript and application
of tactics and techniques in free play.
The class will be usefull for both beginners as well as seasoned
buckler fighters.
Please bring appropriate steel blunt and a buckler, plus mask and
light gloves. You may occassionally need a gauntlet or protective
glove for your swordhand. Neck protection is strongly recommended. If
you have additional equipment for freeplay, feel free to bring it along.

Time: 11.00 to 17.00 (lunch 13.30-14.30)

Place: Helsinki salle

Cost: SHMS members and affiliates: 50e per day (concessions: 40e).
Everyone else: 60e.

Sign up by email or at the salle.

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Killanvanhin, Admin

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